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Halloween and Climbing photographs.

Category: Cubs,Network,News,Parents,Scouts — rootadmin @ 10:05 pm


John has added some photographs of the climbing event.

Nearly forgot, he also added some photographs of the Halloween party.


Rememrance Sunday

Category: Beavers,Cubs,Events,News,Parents,Scouts — rootadmin @ 3:12 pm
November 8, 2009
11:00 am

REMEBRANCE SUNDAY an important event in the year, we will attend a march, church and a small buffet in the club in Ynyshir,. Beaver, Cubs and Scouts are asked to try and attend this event.

For those Cubs/ Scouts  who attend this event we will be arranging a trip in the afternoon and only those who attend the Remembrance Service will be allowed to go.

Check with John for the correct times.