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This website has been funded by Communities First.

What is Communities First?

The Welsh Assembly Governments Flagship Programme to tackle deprivation in Wales

The Welsh Assembly Government’s Communities First Programme exists to provide local people with opportunities to play an active role in shaping the future of their community.

It is founded on the principle that poverty and disadvantage are created by a complex number of factors, such as poor educational achievement, poor housing and environments, substance misuse, local job markets, benefit systems, stigma and perceptions about people and places etc.

If we want to address poverty and inequalities then we must understand what the causes are. Communities First provides opportunities for people living in areas we term to be disadvantaged, and the agencies that deliver services in those communities, to examine the realities of poverty and to learn and work together to address it.

Communities First is about people challenging the barriers, whether they be real or perceived, which prevent residents from fulfilling their own potential and from effecting change where they live. It is about supporting communities, groups and individuals to find their voices and use their skills and experiences to change, challenge, negotiate, persuade and jointly plan for the benefit of their communities.