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Gift Aid

Up until the 5th April 2000 the only way of claiming back tax on membership subscriptions was through Deed of Covenant. Unfortunately this was not always successful within Scout Groups, as parents were often reluctant to sign a legal document which theoretically committed them to making payments for a minimum four-year period.

Now as part of the Government’s “Getting Britain Giving” campaign, major changes have been made to the Gift Aid scheme which allows tax to be reclaimed on any qualifying donation to charity, regardless of whether it is regular or one off.

The new system is much simpler to operate and is more flexible. The parent no longer has to make a legal commitment and now need only provide the Group with a Gift Aid declaration.

In simple terms for every £1 paid to the Group 28p can be reclaimed by the Group. A factsheet is available from the Info Centre on 0845 300 1818 or download from ScoutBase.

For a copy of the Gift Aid form, please see the ‘useful documents‘ page.