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Winterwonder Land Cardiff 2015

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Skating - Winter Wonderland Cardiff 2015

Skating – Winter Wonderland Cardiff 2015

Thanks John Webber

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Copied from Wendy Lewis’ Facebook post.

Caitlin came home last night to spend an evening with her Mammy (well see Tilly actually I think 😜) but I let her down badly. After tea we sat down to watch telly and 5 minutes in to the programme I was asleep. But I did have a genuine excuse. Camp with 8-10 year olds. ☹☹☹

My previous night. All in sleeping bags my 11.30pm (that’s good). 12 midnight. Two boys come down one is homesick love him. Settled him. Half hour later same two are back again. Then another one wants a water bottle filled. One of the first two come back to use the toilet FOUR times during the night. Another boy for the toilet then he returned 10 mins later to tell me there’s a rude word written on his bed aarrrgggg! By this time it’s 5am. Attempted to light the Aga for breakfast (unsuccessfully call myself a cub leader 🙁) oh I’d also been up 3 times to tell them to be quiet that was about 4am.

And then Scout Leader is knocking the door at 7.15 because it’s time to get up 😳.

James Evans slept through most of this 😜 and Ann Betteney on a pamper day for St Valentine’s Day 😏 and Jacob slept through it all Kelly. Despite all that I enjoyed myself.

Thanks for the invite John John Webber.