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Announcement: OPENDAY 19 MAY 2018

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1st Pontywaith Scout Group Openday 19 May 2018

1st Pontywaith Scout Group Openday

Children’s Commissioner for Wales – Young People Advisory Panel.

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May be of interest to the Scouts.

Children’s Commissioner for Wales - logo

Children’s Commissioner for Wales.

The Children’s Commissioner is looking for 15 young people, aged between 11 and 18, to join the Young People Advisory Panel. The team will work with the Commissioner to feedback on her work and come up with new ideas for the future. The young people would be committed to 3 meetings per year and would be in the role for two years. More information and application forms can be found on the Commissioner’s website.

Recruitment – Children’s Commissioner for Wales

We’re looking for up to 15 young people from across Wales to join our Young People’s Advisory Panel. Ideally, you’ll have some previous experience of representing the views of other people and be… CHILDCOMWALES

75th anniversary next year – or this year?

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1st Pontygwaith Scout Group celebrates their 75th anniversary next year and since 1966 there has been a totem Pole in the hall depicting some of the Groups history.

As far as we are aware the totem pole was actually a pit prop from the local mine and we would like to find out more about how the group came to have it and which mine it came from. We are also looking for a local artist that could help the scouts update the pole as there a number of events we would like to add to the pole.

Any help much appreciated.

We also have some vacancies in all sections for young people between the ages of 6-14 years of age and would also be interested in hearing from any adults who would like to volunteer.

Website Upgrade to PHP7.

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The wesbite is currently being updated to work with he latest version of PHP.

There may be times when the website is unavailable.

Website Administrator.


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Well, four exactly…but who’s counting…except me:

  1. May 21st Cub Five A Side, Ystrad Sports Centre 1pm-3-pm (£1.50)
  2. June 11th All Wales Cub Funday (Cost £11)
  3. June 24th-26th All Wales Scout Camp(£40)
  4. Cub Camp 15th – 17th July(Cost TBC)

John W

Appointment of new District Commissioner

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I am pleased to announce that from 1st May 2016, RCT District has a new, permanent District Commissioner. Richard Flowerdew has agreed to take on the role and I know that you will all welcome this news.

Richard is passionate about furthering the success of Scouting in RCT District and I know that he will do all that he can to bring continuity and support to the Groups in the District. My thanks and congratulations go to Richard along with my best wishes.

Margaret Hopkin
Area Commissioner

Winterwonder Land Cardiff 2015

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Skating - Winter Wonderland Cardiff 2015

Skating – Winter Wonderland Cardiff 2015

Silvercross Surfing Sept 2015

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Here are some links to to photographs of the surfing: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Practicing surfing on dry land.

Practicing surfing on dry land.

Surfing at last.

Surfing at last.

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